Sunday, 30 November 2008


Finally someone in Norwich understands some Popof and plays Tiga's Mind Dimension to finish off his set, albeit much to the bewilderment of 'pretentious' students dressed in chunky gold chains and OLD MAN sweater ensembles, or painful to behold body-stocking faux Herve Leger dresses at £49.99 on local escorts with businessmen who have wandered past the not-so-strict door policy at the Mustard Lounge.
Moment of relief then that another 'DJ' with a glow in the dark Institubes tee turns up to cheer on my inadvertant request of Raven and cocktails go flying as we go INSANE (this is the best it gets up north).
I didn't think my 2-tone violet open-toed heels were going to cut it but 2am slot Student CDJ with geek-SHIT glasses coming on meant Cyndi Lauper was my cue off the dancefloor.
Sigh. And just when I thought it was getting good..

Tiga- Mind Dimension (Youth Attack 'Kill the Rhythm' Remix):

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

First Off

Right, don't get me wrong about Kitsune.


I love foxes.

E.g this fox print tee by Natalie Wood for 'Something Else', like her 'Something' label in all its indier-than-thou style of simple geometric prints, but with an extra special 'something'.

The rest of the collection mostly consists of otherwordly owls, cavorting with pissed off wolves or itchy toys... as ethereal as sub-genre artists Binary from LA using more '80's synths than France's West Coast Valerie Collective can shake a neon shellsuit at?

A small fuck you to Xinobi and his silly bicycles.