Saturday, 29 August 2009


NY's Biatchcorp sends love via the medium of Karraskilla's Expreso Cali (Pawas Remix)
ft. soaring synths, jittery cut-up vox and strummed harps, over Karraskilla's trademark breed of dark driving bass.

In a similarly lush vein, the DJ Hell and Tigerskin remixes of 'Abe Duque & Virginia's Following My Heart are pretty tight too, the latter as heard in that Matt Walsh Fabric Promo Mix in Juuune or whatever.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


A far cry from Matthew Dear's light summer choons from the Ghostly/Spectral labels also of Audion, Seth Troxler, and deep 'MANDATE MY ASS' disco Daso comes
Lawrence (of Dial Recs) with Divided.
The gardener-turned-minimal-techno-producer brings us this beautifully chilling track with the gentlest of claps and ethereal leads, the perfect soundtrack to a berkishly pretentious film about a blossoming young lady coming of age in Tokyo. Or something.
Also to check out is Immune by Bodycode, a melancholic rhythmic shuffley motherbitch feat. dark vocals accompanying the piano and robotic blips.

Sunday, 16 August 2009


German lady photographer Debora Mittelstadt

Friday, 14 August 2009


Roman Fluegel- Prinzessin X
This is really glitchy. In fact, horribly so, but like a small cranky child, have some patience and bear with it and it becomes this lovely almost Unit 4's Remix of Aquaplane deep house-esque layered piece with warped bass. (That's what kids become, right?)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Jet Set Njet

GREAT name. GREAT artwork. Little bit poop band.

Like the kinda reject Artrocker proto-ensembles you used to nod your head knowingly to down in the Buffalo Bar in Islington and that's got to be a good thing- on Norwegian Anomalie Records 'cause I've bloody heard of that.

Monday, 10 August 2009

EU Funky

Have been in love Mount Kimbie's 50 Mile View- but will get shot in the bum if I leak this so check it out here. Beautifully ambient 8-bitty dubstep of epic proportions.

Perhaps my posterior is a little more likely to remain intact if I post these gems:
A remix by Solo for Maps' I Dream of Crystal.
And motherfucking SIS- (Stipe Remix) of Sum. Far from his Trompeta, it remains a superbly summery breed of tech-house similar to the wave of Dutch/Danish/Euro tracks these days featuring ridiculous pitch-bends and tribal percs added with 'ethnic/world' sampling more silly than Primary One's voice in Style of Eye's Vocal Remix of Who's There?
Call it... 'EU Funky'.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Macking Hoes

Here's a snippety snip of the sample from which Erol Alkan created his Waves:
Albion- Space Time Continuum. Unfortunately nerds will catch you out, don't expect them to be out macking hoes on a Friday night as if they wouldn't prefer to be at home on the 'Robots for Robots Forum' which discovers this track is a result of further musical theft. Shock. (Hehe thanks Leighton)
Maher Daniel- Casbar on Get Physical's awesome Full Body Work Out Vol. 5.
Sparse trippy vocals and expect the triangle.

Illustration by Ricardo Fumanal: My Dazed article on his surreal shizz is out HERE.

Monday, 3 August 2009


Should have done this post last week but obviously I was still suffering a facial spasm from the cuteness of Stella McCartney's Fall '09 campaign with Sigrid Agren shot by Ryan McGinley.
Described as an attempt to "contrast fierce clothes with the innocence of Bambi".

Look at Thumper there. What an absolute twat.

I cba to post an unreleased il/legal mp3 today with the hopelessly vague intent of making people buy other stuff of the artists I like so I will do this:
GO HERE for the Astronomer (aka Alex Skull Juice Egan) remix of The XX. Tis lovely.
(Sadly the Clouded Vision is a bit meh)