Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sei Ace

I know I make this bold statement at my own risk but.. someone made me like a Beatles song?
Yay for Sei A's magic touch; also appreciating his remix of Moodymanc & Paul Hardy's Sizzler which is exactly that, adding an extra euphoric edge to the 'Josh Wink circa Banana-esque' tech-yness, definitely wait till the half-way mark.

The Beatles - A Day in the Life (Unknown Mix) by Sei A

The Beatles - A Day In The Life (unknown mix) by Sei A

d/l here

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


YES to old photos and buying a Holga that's held together with a piece of cardboard from a dodgy jumble lady in a polka dot dress. Expect a series.

And similarly effervescent approval for Mario Basanov who I'm guessing is a pretty slick fella.
French house vocals x tropical deep disco for getting into your car and getting out of my dreams to.

Mario Basanov - A2 - Caribbean Girl (Ilya Santana Mix)
Mario Basanov - A2 - Caribbean Girl (Ilya Santana Mix)
From Under the Shade.

Saturday, 9 January 2010


If groovy French x Spektre-esque tech is what you're pining for, head over to Get the Curse for Olibusta who joined forces with Clement Meyer for an EP on the new GTC label.
Check out his remix of this Brrr-ap house track. (And no this isn't in reference to yet another made-up genre devised by plebs, just some amusing vox in there)

Qoso - Brrr (Olibusta remix) by olibusta

Wednesday, 6 January 2010


No this is nothing about the South Molton Street boutique ladies, calm the f down. This is dug out from the 'so deep I'm drowning in slap bass' funky/soulful house producer's 'The Early Years'. Circa 2008.

Trus'me - Brown's