Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Contrary to Popular Belief, Best of Lists are HARD OK?

A bit difficult to do 'Best of '09' considering the blog's only been running for a year and furthermore I have the musical (and otherwise) attention span of a thimble. But here goes...

Best/Lol Moments of 2009:
-Telling Riva Starr to collaborate with my mum
-Fucking up Ellen Allien's room w/ a gaggle of girls
-Having Heidi laugh inappropriately at someone's broken arm on the phone
-Giving Keytars/Violins my balloon when he inevitably was too wasted to give it any love or care
-Being asked to interview Kitsune in Paris & being taken to lunch by their lovely press guy
-Making it in Curb Crawlers' Top 5 Blogs of 2009 list for NCAK & Slutty Fringe

Best Tracks?
No. I'm not doing that, it's as near impossible as 'a girl sticking an octopus up her genitals' (See Running Ponies).

Best Labels?
Sorry Turbo, after years of my enduring love and devotion I think you've been topped by Wolf + Lamb, Sound Pellegrino and Tartelet this year and woop at the newer Get Physical stuff

Best Album/Compilations:
Jamie Jones innit, and le Dixon Temporary Secretary Edits were super
Best Remix:
Um.. maybe Alland Byallo's Gold Daytons remix of Soul Clap. So good.


Anonymous said...

Cephalopod porn - NBT.

Leighton said...

Hahaha what?! You had a balloon? Just when I thought the mystery of that night had been laid to rest...

M E R L I N said...

Yum.. forgot about that mix

Petit Flo said...

Yeah, I named him Timmy and everything then I got very upset as he got trampled during Boris Dlugosch

AB said...

thanks for the compliment!!!!! very nice. glad you like the remix :)