Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Dolly La Parton

Not another Backwards Barbie but the alias of Alex Under of CMYK via BeMySheep making eerie dischordant-scat driving-tech 'dancefloor choons'. If the dancefloor was full of people looking like they were having a bit of a spaz.

It's Just a Thing (128) / Cornbread, Fish & Collard Greens

(Re: pic - Do you dress like the 11 yo girls in this pic? Congratulations, you are 'trendy'.)


Brendan said...

trends be damned, i just need more clothing with images of cats on it!

Tony said...

there were quite a few 'junior' jumpers on display last night

Petit Flo said...

I also saw a lot of bum there. No kidding, ACTUAL bum. Kids are crazy these days, you're not Lady Gaga..

KHALiB said...

Hello, Thanks for posting this, is there anyway you could upload the b-side?