Thursday, 15 January 2009



Given the rise of 'indie kids' wearing garments formerly associated with chavs, there seems to be debate on your fashion credibility in the wrong eyes.

Is the only way to avoid looking Lynxed up out on the merk in Bromley to button up your Fred Perry polo shirt?

Is the popularity of sportswear a la neon American Apparel bordering on comfort levels reserved for tracksuit territory?
Surely the Ann Sofie-Back/Comme des Garcons/Raf Simons collaborations with Fred Perry would shrug off any notions of chav?
Though maybe someone like Devvo wouldn't get the difference, regarding such foreign jibberjabber as 'like, a bit posher innit?'
And the staff changes over the last couple years have shown a gradual decline in 'snobby edgyness' of AA employees to more generic shaped folk who don't know a receipt when they see one. Are logos getting bigger? Colours getting brighter? Fabrics SHINIER?

Dear God.

<3 The Lowbrows - Dream in the Desert x Tough Alliance's Neo Violence Shazamed via Bang Gang DJ's.
and some Justus Kohncke:
(bits of SuperMayer/Mickey Moonlight but hey it's not anywhere anymore ANYway)

P.S: Drums of Death last week at Cargo at full capacity wtf?
He plays at Matter tomorrow w/ Fred Falke and Friendly Fires btw.

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