Saturday, 28 March 2009

But You Can't Ignore My Techno

Wow do I actually like Chloe 'I'm so COOL' Sevigny's second collection for Opening Ceremony A/W '09?
Tbh, if MOTHERCARE made high-waisted black leather A-line shorts (which they might) I'd probably still like them.

Ok so I have spent all morning in dangerous places loling at Tiga's Podcast 9A.
It features his witty banter along with tracks like his aforementioned remix of Fever Ray (Karin of The Knife as if you didn't already know) as played live at approximately 4.32am at Manchester Bugged Out, Zyntherius (aka beloved Jori) ft. The Dove's Synthesizer, and the Unit 4 remix of Zak Frost and Lasersonic - Aquaplane, which is preetty smooth.

Ooh and a Shoes remix by 'STEVE'. From Bromley. He's 16 and will make you feel bad.

Something noisy - Volatile's remix of Absolute Zero and Subphonics' The Code:
You may remember Volatile from mixes such as Proxy's In New DJ's We Trust on Kissy Fuck Tard's show on Radio 1.
Being friends with PROXY and HOSTAGE and having songs called FACES OF WAR. He's well hard.

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