Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Xmas is MESSY. Why is there a queue AROUND THE BLOCK at Durrr for a Peaches DJ SET? And HOW smart it is to go shopping everyday in Oxford st since boxing day when everyone is elbowing everyone towards end of season reject cocktail dresses. That half-price £1300 handbag isn't FREE, stupid bitch.
The credit crunch only adversely affects companies (LOL at Vice's shitty new paper visibly reduced in size) not individuals, you forget the recession when you're in Prada.
And unless the photos were flipped and maybe I'm being anal.. but why are Londonpaper favs Alexa Chung and Halfhead Dellal wearing their headphones mid-seriously-cool-DJ-face-pose THE WRONG WAY?
P.s Though DJ's Sara and Ryusei have been scratching since 8 and 5, producers also get younger.
Forget Surkin and Bobmo, le High Powered Boys were remixed by two 16 yr old Mexicans.
Hoes get down again. Krylon Remix.

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