Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Ooh, Permanent Vacation S/S '09

P.s So Cobrasnake directs a video. Sorry, but has anyone realised the 'hot girl' looks a *bit* like she suffers Downs? FO.

Oh. He hangs out with Steve Aoki.
That explains it.

Old but, can't believe I haven't put up any Oliver Huntemann & Dubfire: Dios (Jon Gaiser's Atheists Anonymous Remix)
(Less dark / less epic, rising 'toilet bowl' Dios)

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Bran said...

Anytime that I see a collaboration featuring the statement "x Cobrasnake", my body involuntarily shudders. The model looks like she gets face-meltingly bored after a minute and spends the rest of the video kinda being like "oh, you're still here?...sigh"