Monday, 4 May 2009

Who The Fuck Are You?

"The Bloody Beetroots".
Relentless after playing his remixes of I Love To Move in Here, Homezone, & What You Need, Proxy at last night's Bugged Out in the Scrutton St warehouse (complete w/ mid-less echoing soundsystem, populated by a mix of motionless Ipso Facto women, Nathan Barley men, and hardcore Turbo nerds totalling...3) went on to drop WHO ARE YOU (Bloody Beetroots Remix). Playing an hour of his own material as the crowd would have wanted it, Matt Walsh must've been depressed to follow him.

Loveable Tiga was dressed down at his own launch party sans gloves/sunglasses/possibly shoes, with a so-so somewhat predictable set (you know, RIVERSIDE, MOTHERFUCKER aka the post-Big Money Comin'?, many a Shoes remix and *cough* Washing Up) plus bewildering 90's rave track. Whilst out of nowhere behind the Turbo crew, Busy P appears quietly grinning, as he IS Jesus (of the scene).

... Well worth being covered in Shoreditch cretin, the sweat of the worringly numerous hefty men in LOVE with Tiga & more bruises than during sex, as we agree this was the necessary time to see Proxy live, especially as the epic crowd-engaging "everybody get low!" shenanigans solemnly signalled the final demise of the track of 2008, Raven... Ahh closure.
After keeping my boyfriend up at 6.30am post-rave by asking on loop 'who's mohan das, who's mohan das, who's mohan das?' = here's Mohan Das - Oh Yes.

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