Saturday, 23 May 2009


Renaissance Man- Dubbo.
Absolute legend. This is like when they did that bootcut of DJ Hell and decided 'fuck airhorns' in their Definition of House Music. It had the largest terrifying foghorn sample.
This is 100x that.Plus the Sandy Bitches teaser.
I've always been a bit MEH about Dolby Anol since that Cowbois fiasco but with 'classics' such as Cancer, Linda and Heather, I'm Dry I decided to give them another chance.
Check out the 'bangin choon' that is Tender Touch and their 'humourous' ad on their 'myspace'.

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Bran said...

dubbo is such a huge track, i love the 'wut' samples sprinkled within as well. i seriously think renaissance man is going to destroy the universe in 2009.