Monday, 10 August 2009

EU Funky

Have been in love Mount Kimbie's 50 Mile View- but will get shot in the bum if I leak this so check it out here. Beautifully ambient 8-bitty dubstep of epic proportions.

Perhaps my posterior is a little more likely to remain intact if I post these gems:
A remix by Solo for Maps' I Dream of Crystal.
And motherfucking SIS- (Stipe Remix) of Sum. Far from his Trompeta, it remains a superbly summery breed of tech-house similar to the wave of Dutch/Danish/Euro tracks these days featuring ridiculous pitch-bends and tribal percs added with 'ethnic/world' sampling more silly than Primary One's voice in Style of Eye's Vocal Remix of Who's There?
Call it... 'EU Funky'.


Anonymous said...

way to change Proxy to Worthy

Petit Flo said...

Have to keep pon the ball 'Anonymous'..