Friday, 7 August 2009

Macking Hoes

Here's a snippety snip of the sample from which Erol Alkan created his Waves:
Albion- Space Time Continuum. Unfortunately nerds will catch you out, don't expect them to be out macking hoes on a Friday night as if they wouldn't prefer to be at home on the 'Robots for Robots Forum' which discovers this track is a result of further musical theft. Shock. (Hehe thanks Leighton)
Maher Daniel- Casbar on Get Physical's awesome Full Body Work Out Vol. 5.
Sparse trippy vocals and expect the triangle.

Illustration by Ricardo Fumanal: My Dazed article on his surreal shizz is out HERE.


Megalithic Rick said...

nice drawing >_< check out this

pixy said...

his work is so insane!
i love it, inspires me to draw more.