Monday, 3 August 2009


Should have done this post last week but obviously I was still suffering a facial spasm from the cuteness of Stella McCartney's Fall '09 campaign with Sigrid Agren shot by Ryan McGinley.
Described as an attempt to "contrast fierce clothes with the innocence of Bambi".

Look at Thumper there. What an absolute twat.

I cba to post an unreleased il/legal mp3 today with the hopelessly vague intent of making people buy other stuff of the artists I like so I will do this:
GO HERE for the Astronomer (aka Alex Skull Juice Egan) remix of The XX. Tis lovely.
(Sadly the Clouded Vision is a bit meh)


Nicola said...

Ha, snap, I just posted about this too, woops, I didn't copy HONESTTTT. Lets do 'coffee' again soon. xx

Petit Flo said...

Yeah it's super cute it deserves posts! Just saw your Susie MJ one too, lol as of tomorrow I'm her and Alistair's assistant at Dazed- yeesh.
Ofc gimme a buzz when you are free and bored love x