Saturday, 7 February 2009

Bugged Out At Fire: The End Of The End


Is Fire honestly a decent substitute for The End? - Bit of a boring video but sums up 'nuff stuff.
I am surprisingly as upset as the rest when I realise too late I will never be able to comfortably take the 25 the TWO stops down the road to lie in the back corner in the main room in prep before non-stop blindly going mental for the next 3 hours.
Fire on the other hand was a goddamn MESS. We were constantly losing each other, off our silly faces, wondering why the HELL we were in these endless labyrinthine dark rooms, in SOUTH LONDON.

Is Erol going to DIE during his 6 hour set?
Maybe we should help him as dedicated fans to stay awake by delivering tangible obstacles along the lines of really sharp flaming ladyfingers.

Er.. isn't Daniel Steinberg a bit of a messy man?
Can he smarten up before he plays with Style of Eye, Worthy, and what was it RIVA Starr at Egg?

I know this is bit older in Proxy radio mixes 'n such but it's just SO GOOD:

Volatile- Faces of War


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