Sunday, 15 February 2009

Suitable Hand Motions for DJ'ing


I honestly don't understand why there's so much gesticulation from DJ's during Faces'uch?

Brodi, that's just the SONG (all the jolly brapbrap fingers are pre-Motherfucking Bass coming in).. I know you look more interesting with the jazzhands-headphone rapid on/off like your ears are itchy combos than when I stand there tweaking EQ's with a Microsoft-brand mouse but honestly, we know it's all a farce.

And if you didn't duck down for about 5 minutes during the mad pitch up we probably would have thought that was you too, maybe the best option is to stick to a simple nodding of the head, then as the night goes on begin some more intense bobbing up & down (note: IN time), before bringing out some sort of wild flagellation of the arm with which you consider of no further use.

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